I am Lawrence Dolton, a sound engineer and sonic artist. I create sound compositions under the name Alvord Loop.

My compositions explore electronic textures and transitions derived from manipulating field recordings, synthesizer patches and guitar modulations. I am interested in the way we perceive auditory transitions as we move through the landscape, absorbing changes fast and slow. Sounds near and far blend in different ways depending on what we are seeing, what we are thinking, what we are feeling. I think about these daily sound evolutions as I compose.

My current project is a series of ambient electronic soundscapes. I have completed the first composition, “Tunnel” (click title to listen at private link), and I am working on additional pieces. I am seeking a label to help promote and distribute this recording project.


I live in Oakland, California. I split my time between composing, freelance audio post and sound design for films, and software development projects. I have worked on a variety of short and long documentaries, experimental films, animated television shows, online projects and museum exhibits.

Earlier Works

Fuzzy Burr