Working under the name Alvord Loop, Lawrence builds sound compositions that explore electronic textures derived from synthesizer patches, field recordings, guitar sounds, and other sonic sources.

Creating sound compositions is a way of expanding the possibilities of sound and how we listen to the world around us. Sounds tend be understood as fixed but the sounds around us are shifting, creating persistent sound evolutions. Taking sounds and turning them inside out, discovering patterns and inventing textures is a way of freshening our perception of what we hear everyday. The way we listen shapes what we hear.

Lawrence has been composing for fixed media since 1995. His work includes audio pieces as well as compositions for experimental films. ‘Dux’ a sound art video by Lawrence was selected to be a part of the 2012 Pluto Audio Visual Art Festival in Opwijk, Belgium.

Based in Oakland, California, Lawrence splits his time between composing, freelance audio post and sound design for films, and software development projects. He has worked on a variety of short and long documentaries, experimental films, animated television shows and online projects.

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